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Behind the Stache

Stories of



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This book started as a project to highlight inspirational and courageous stories involving men that have survived cancer. As we were trying to find people we realized there were many other stories that could be told. Stories of guys that have and continue to invest in the lives of people to help give them and their family hope and dignity.

50% of the profits of the book will go back into the stories that are featured in the book. We don’t just want this to get your stories out but we want to help by giving back and hope that the readers do the same.

Some of the men that we’ll be featuring work for or started some of the companies listed below:

Defy Ventures


inCOMMON (Omaha)

Moustache Run

Sign up below for updates on the upcoming website and book.

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*All Illustrations done by Nicolas Fredrickson! You’ve got to check out his work here.

For more information on this project email us at



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